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Range: Up to 50 feet with standard camera. Up to 500 feet with zoom camera
Real-Time Reporting = ROI
IMCfaceplate comes with built-in reporting, sending you real-time data about number of impressions as well as the length of each impression.

An example report might look like this:
Screens 1 – 3
Of the 10,346 people who passed the displays between June 1st & July 1st, 2007:
5500 watched the screen for more than 1 second,
3500 people watched for more than 2 seconds,
1000 people watched for more than 5 seconds,
246 people watched for more than 10 seconds,
and 100 people watched for more than 20 seconds.

Hardware: Computer, Camera, Optional video capture device in an impossibly small form factor given the powerful capabilities. The IMCfaceplate box can be as small as 6.5” x 6.5” x 2”. Camera size depends on camera placement.

Scalable: The IMCfaceplate software platform is easily scaleable, allowing for fast deployment of IMCfaceplate-equipped computers. A software installation package makes for easy install on almost any machine running Windows or Vista.

Simple set-up: The solution is simple to set up. The IMCfaceplate application automatically starts itself at login on all IMCfaceplate-equipped computers. If preferred, all installation CDs have detailed instructions as to how to setup auto-startup once IMCfaceplate is installed.

System compatibility: The IMCfaceplate software platform runs on both PC or Mac computers.

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